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We offer limited range of 4 piece alum tanned cricket leather balls, these balls are standard in size and weight and are being used by various professional cricket academies. Our experienced team is engaged in manufacturing of premium quality Cricket Leather Balls. Our Knowledge & Techniques of leather tanning and using best quality raw materials available differs us and stay ahead among other manufactures. All cricket balls are hand stitched under the highest level of supervision and each ball undergo different quality checks at various levels of production

Who we are

Grasshopper cricket co started five years back in Meerut with a passion to provide professional players with high quality cricket leather balls. We are even blessed with the rich ancestral experience for many decades of Indian sports industry hence putting our efforts to make a remarkable presence. We are fully equipped to produce large numbers and meet the customer’s requirement timely perhaps we are a stringent believer of team work and our dedicated worker are strength to us. Know More

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