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Grasshopper cricket co started five years back in Meerut with a passion to provide professional players with high quality cricket leather balls. We are even blessed with the rich ancestral experience for many decades of Indian sports industry hence putting our efforts to make a remarkable presence. We are fully equipped to produce large numbers and meet the customer’s requirement timely perhaps we are a stringent believer of team work and our dedicated worker are strength to us.

A couple of young imagination is behind the show who work on a mix of modern & conservative approach .We firmly believe in using best material from the roots to make our product quality ahead routine, up gradation of product is also done rationally.

A lot of time has been spent in overcoming some major problems of the business since over the years it has become clear that the manufacture of the cricket ball poses problems on a scale and magnitude well beyond the capabilities of this cottage industry. Cricket balls have been plagued by persistent problems including increasing softness, loss of shape during play and lack of visibility during periods of low light nevertheless we have succeeded in giving our product a complete remedy.

Quality control starts from testing the raw materials conform to specification and continues through intermediate production to batch testing the final product before release to customers.

We like to be very simple in our business functions with a priority for honesty & relationships.

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